Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Not Supported on macOS High Sierra

I am attempting to run macros on my Mac Excel version.

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Unfortunately, I get a run-time error The code normally works on Mac Excel Please help, assistance is much appreciated; I am not a coder. Listen now.

Which Office for Mac Suite are you using?

Learn more. Excel for Mac, having issues using a Macro that normally works on Ask Question.

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    Select Sheets "Beverages". Copy Cells.

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    Select Range "A13". I am able to run and work with other macro enabled excel worksheets without issue.

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    Please advice. Open a blank instance of MS-Excel from start menu.

    Hit Ok. Now open the flat-file, it should open without macros enabled. Enable the macros from notification tab on top once it opens. Flat file downloaded from seller central not working on excel 11 for mac Selling on Amazon India.

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    Disabling Macros: OS X version You will now be warned anytime you open a document that contains macros. Yay security!

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